Software Project Components
Metatopia Multiverse is a vast project with many interesting areas of development. This is a complete systems redesign from the ground up with enhancements at every level of design. Initial efforts have begun with the development of a traditional Internet/PC based platform that will phase in new elements and transition as the hardware platform is developed. Each of the areas outlined below will be included in this project. They are not listed in any particular order. Each area will be updated with it's own web space as development is undertaken. Following those links will display status of each of the development areas as they progress.

If a section doe sot have an active link that means the area is yet to be develop, and is open for involvement. Please e-mail us with your interest and the requirements fro the given task will be made available. Please also check the help wanted section of SourceForge for active project recruitment.

Some of the following links are for active registered developers and will require password access to off-site servers in some cases. The particulars for a given project will be given to developers that have been accepted into a given project group. See the assigned project leader for your startup packet at time of acceptance.

In e-mail queries please list one of the following section titles in the subject of your e-mail so that it may be directed to the right place.

Web Development

PM2 - Public facing web site
Help desk
Application installation
Project Web page management

Desktop Applications Development
PM2 Client application
PM2 Development tools

PM2 Server Development
PM2 Server Manager


Visor Firmware
Visor Render Engine
Visor Apps

     Pointer protocols and drivers
     Haptics protocols and drivers

Future Applications
Secured Spaces protocols development
Physics library development


User Guide development
Developer Guide development
Developer Standards

Group Leads: Hardware, Software, Server, Visor, and Peripherals
Release Managers: Server, Visor, and Peripherals
Standards Groups: