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Project Metatopia Multiverse

"The future of 'Social' networking is coming..."

New for 2010 - Metatopia is under new management!

Hi, my name is Gibson Elliot, and I welcome you to Project Metatopia Multiverse. 
If you are looking for the old Metatopia Project or Marc de Groot's MEME you may find it here.

Project Metatopia Multiverse is the second generation project based on the original MEME & Metatopia Project that went dormant many years back. I am resuming this project in memory of one of it's original creators. There is a long history that you may read about in A Bit of History.  

This next gen project will involve creating a complete hardware and software solution with a grand vision that you can read about under A New Vision. All of the code will be under open source. The reference designs for the prototype hardware will also wind up in the hardware section. This  is going to require a great many hands to accomplish. I will need help from the full spectrum of engineering disciplines as well as the arts. 

Please consider pitching in or donating to this project.

In order to participate in development you will need to register on sourceforge.net.

A New VisionDetails about what will be new, and where the project is headed.
A Bit of HistoryInformation about my personal history as it relates to this project
The Old Web PageThe old web page is preserved here in all it's glory
New Project OutlineDetails about the current project
Software ComponentsDetails of the various software components
Hardware Components Details of the various hardware components
Development GroupsThis is our organization and contact information
Project LinksFind links to all of the various vendors, gurus, and resources

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